Brick Cracks

Brick cracks are one of the most common physical sings you will notice.  When the house settles the brick will crack usually through the mortar lines.  In some cases brick cracks can be so severe allowing misalignment of the wall.  PierWorx will repair cracked mortar lines in the areas we install piers.


Door and Window frame seams

Separation around door and window frame seams will occur when the ground-level of your property is unlevel.  Open seams can allow weather elements into the property.


Sheetrock Cracks

Probably one of the first signs a homeowner notices is a sheetrock crack on the interior of the home.  The sheetrock can be repaired and painted but will continuously resurface until the property is sufficiently stabilized.


Frieze Board Separation

Frieze board is the right angle wooden trim found right under the eave of your roof.  When the corner of your house settles the frieze board will open.  Prior to the foundation failing, the frieze board was together.

We understand

PierWorx understands noticing these signs for the first time can be alarming.  Allow us to create a plan that will cuase those signs to be a thing of the past!