COMMON causes of foundation repair


Soil expansion and contraction due to our aggressive weather cycle is a major concern when it comes to moisture control in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Maintaining proper watering cycles/routines are imperative to provide consistency.

Too much moisture due to poor drainage

Saturated soils impacted by poor drainage affect a home's foundation. Improper drainage due to rain gutter downspouts, low areas, and sloping collect water. Standing water means unstable soils.

Expansive clay soils are unstable

Soils with high expansion rates play a big role in foundation failure. Our native Dallas clay soils have a tendency to expand and shrink easily due their makeup. Moving soils mean moving houses.

trees and large shrubs around the house

Trees and large shrubbery around your property wick moisture away from your home's foundation. Moisture that is needed to maintain soil integrity.

plumbing leaks located under the slab

Plumbing leaks located under your home's foundation can cause opposing reactions to the slab of your home.  Leaking water could cause a swell, or upward heave, disturbing the soil supporting the foundation.

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